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So, I saw something on the internet the other day, and the gist of it was that proselytization should be viewed by religious people as a moral duty:

Yes, being proselytized at is irritating. You might even consider it to be borderline rude. And, yes, most of the people doing it are only doing it because its the sort of thing you do when you're a member of their religion (I'm looking at you, J.W. and L.D.S.).

But look at it from another direction: if the people trying to convert you really, really, really believe what they're trying to sell you, it would be sociopathic to not try to convert you. I mean, not even trying would be akin to seeing someone about to have their face cut into a million tiny shreds and saying "Yep, I'm OK with that!"

But, looking at it from that direction brings up something else that's really interesting: most Christians I know (I don't know any people that I know to be a member of a different religion that demands my eternal suffering as a nonbeliever) that know I'm an atheist don't even try. They find out that I don't believe and they go "Huh," and that's pretty much the end of the conversation. There's two conclusions (mostly exclusive, although not necessarily) that I reach from this:

1) Most Christians that I know are sociopaths. This seems unlikely, because in every other aspect of their life, they seem like normal, well-adjusted people with normal boundaries of empathy for other human beings.


2) Most Christians that I know don't really, really, really believe what they say they believe. I would be surprised if any Christian that I talk to thinks they don't actually believe, but in this particular instance (barring a very well-hidden case of socipathy), their actions suggest that they don't actually believe. I mean, if I saw someone walking the edge of a 2,000 foot deep pit, with their feet hanging half-way over the abyss, seemingly unaware that were at any risk of harm, I would do anything in my power to get them to stop (short of tackling them, because you can't force someone to believe... probably. Brainwashing can do amazing things :)).

At this point, most Christians (and, I imagine, other religions with some sort of punishment described for nonbelievers) will bring up Free Will, saying that it is my choice as a human being to believe whatever I want to believe, and it's none of their business whether I suffer for eternity because of my choices. They're right, in that I can make that choice, but I'm not the only one with free will: when they don't say anything, they are choosing to not make any attempt to save me.

Now, I'm sure some people will read this and think that I'm asking to be proselytized. I'm not. Mostly, this is just a thought-provoker: If your religion states that I undergo eternal torment for not believing, why don't you at least make the attempt? Not just a token, "have you heard about this religion," attempt, but an actual, call-me-everyday-until-I-block-your-number, everything-you-can-spare attempt.

If you don't think that attempt is worth it, why not? Because of your god's will? Because it would interfere with my free will (not that I have any, if your god is omniscient)? Why?

I don't really have a conclusion, unless you define conclusions the same way the Catholic Church defines some semi-aquatic rodents.

TL;DR:Most members of monotheistic religions should view proselytization as a daily duty, part of being a decent human being. Why don't they?

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I'd like to deserve such praise but I'm not the one who made this, I just printed the map directly from the game ^^
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Just for fun, I don't think Azkabian was one of the spellings in My Immortal. There was Abkhazian and Azerbaijan, but no Azkabian.
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